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Playground Development


Playground Development in schools enables various activities that target Key Stages 1 and 2 children to play effectively together during play and lunchtimes, minimising unacceptable behaviour and disruption in the playground.


The aim of Playground Development in Schools is to promote and maintain a safe and structured play environment for children, whilst providing an effective and efficient programme of activities.


The Playground strategies devised by The Play Shelter help to encourage children to enjoy their play free from disruption and/or harm and develop social, emotional and physical skills, whilst enabling the staff to interact, participate and provide the types of supervision required for a structured playground.




Creche in Schools


We provide a creche for out of hours parent meetings and school fun days.

Many important meetings held for parents/carers often occur after the school day and parents are unable to attend due to the time they finish at work.


We have designed a 'pop up' creche for the children of the parents/carers who cannot find suitable childcare to attend these important meetings. Attending these meetings allows parents/carers to participate in the important discussions/decisions that effect their child's school and their child's education.


Using our creche in schools service will help to ensure that you have more parent attendance and therefore more parents input and participation at these meetings.




After School Club Management


The Play Shelter provide After School Club management services to support the development of your existing After School Club.


We provide experienced and qualified childcare practitioners, Senior Play Leaders and/or Centre Managers to support the development of your existing provision.




Holiday Play Scheme Management


The Play Shelter provide holiday play scheme coordination services for your school or childcare organisation.


We have designed a proven holiday play scheme structure with a stimulating social education programme

(both on and off-site) that delivers a range of fun-filled play experiences for children aged 4 to 12 years.



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